Hello :)


Hello, my name is Yulia. I am from Ukraine, now live in Canada. I will write about my handmade stuff, my achievements and results, maybe process of work. I can make different things and learn how to make new, develop my techniques and gain experience all the time. My main themes will be:

  • mandalas
  • necklaces and bracelets
  • threads
  • beads
  • home decorations
  • painting: pencils, coloring, fine-liner
  • postcards
  • origami
  • quilling
  • photography

Let it be 2


This is my biggest drawing I’ve made so far. It was created almost 4 years ago from a draft which I drew in my small notebook. I liked that draft a lot, so I decided to draw a bigger version of it. I bought silver marker and black paper and started 🙂

So here it is. Finished. size is approximately 60 x 60 cm.




I was watching my photos from last trips – because what am I suppose to do in such a cold winter?

I found this photo taken from the car. So magnificent, can’t stop looking at this huge mountain.


This is one of my favorite mountains as well. Such a beauty!


As a bonus. We were so lucky to see these two mountain goats. They are so gorgeous and rare to see, especially this close. Fluffy guys 🙂


Macro mushrooms


I really enjoyed this hike to Kinney lake and taking macro photos (especially with macro rings – those I haven’t used for a while). I like hiking in autumn because of the mushrooms – they are all so wonderful, different shapes, colors, texture. Always amazing. Would like to come back here but unfortunately this won’t happen soon.

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Too much :)


I’m still trying to finish my embroidery, make quilling cards for my mother-in-law, grandmother and my husband’s sister, as well as finish my origami project. Because I have too many projects to finish I started to make and follow to do list. I find it very helpful. Hopefully I will show few of my projects soon.

Meanwhile concentrating on photos again. Some of my not very recent film photos from out trips, camping and hiking.



New parcel


I’ve made another postcard and will send it together with one of my mandalas.  This time it is for my aunt.

P.S. I’m still looking for a nice clear glue that won’t leave any marks and dries clear. This one is said to be clear glue but it is disappointing. If anyone can recommend a good clear glue that does the job right I will be happy 🙂


Hello spring


Every spring I try to make photos of nature and its awakening from winter sleep. Spring is an amazing time of nature transformation, when everything changes.

These photos were taken in Kamloops, BC on film camera (Zenit) with special macro rings for closer zooming. I know it is warm in Kamloops now and I really miss that warmth and city itself. So I wanted to remind myself and everyone how beautiful spring is 🙂

Enjoy the spring everyone!

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